15 Shocking and Bizarre Photos You’ll See only in Dubai

In our world today, thanks to Oil, Dubai is the #1 hottest spot for vacation for everyone. Dubai has a reputation of a must-visit destination throughout the world, with it’s beautifully designed architecture. Before proceeding, it may also interest you to know this. Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.). The U.A.E is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf. Dubai has emerged as the cosmopolitan city that continues to grow rapidly and extremely profitable to the U.A.E government, hardly will you see a Celebrity today who has not gone on a vacation to Dubai.

Another reason why Dubai is so famous or should I say, Notorious for, is it’s display of wealth by Both Young and the old. Dubai is known for the richness and ways of local “Sheikhs“, an Arabic word meaning the elder of a tribe, they are very rich and known for their luxurious lifestyle that will put a prince to shame.

To travelers, visiting something bizarre is always appreciable, and citizens of Dubai are always there to give you bizarre scene that will leave you speechless.

So taking out our time, We have decided to showcase a few of these hilarious exhibits that Dubai has to offer, so you won’t be startled when confronting any of those when you go visiting here. Take a look and do share with us, your thoughts on this.

1. Riding a Lion!

Before, History has it that Dubai citizens rides on Camel back, but thanks to the discovery of Oil in the U.A.E capital, the citizens have upgraded, now choosing to ride a Pride to camel their forefathers rode.

2. Traffic JAM

Now Imagine your state, county or Area traffic jam and compare it with this photo. You’ll get to see why Dubai is home to billionaires. The traffic JAM might be the happiest site you’ll ever come across. If i were to be in this Traffic Jam, I’ll take out my camera and smile a billion time.

3. Robot Riding a Camel

Dubai is a fascinating place and these photos keep providing it. Have you ever imagine a robot riding a live camel? Well, it is happening in Dubai. This camel-back ride with robots in the dry climate in Dubai. What are you betting on? Since it’s a betting competition on which robot is the best ride.

4. Dubai Amazing Pet Animals


I don’t think there is any other City out there that has the number of wildlife for pet as Dubai. You get to see live animals like Lions, Tiger, Jaguar, Cheetah etc. You just don’t see them in cages, No, they ride with their owners in their sport and luxurious cars!

5. Many turtles one on one

Imagine turtles on turtles? Crazy, which is why Dubai is known as the crazy city. A Kame (Turtle) style Zen Garden. That is a good sight.

6. Craziest Car Design

Have you ever seen or come across two jeeps merged into one? Well, if you do have a big family and you get the money, why not search for a crazy idea and actualize it? This may be the craziest ride of all times.

Personally, I won’t want to be the first to try this out, but I would pay a few dollars to watch this jeep take a ride.

6. Clash of Cultures!

Imagine a place where Money grow like grass, then Imagine it without Ladies. That seems quite impossible right? Well, since Dubai is a place where it seems Money is absolutely everywhere, there is a very high percentage of probability that all type of Ladies will be there.

Here is a complete clash of cultures. A western woman walking pass two Hijab covered Ladies. Am I the only one here who really want to know what those two are thinking?

8. Paddle boarders who stand

And you’re there thinking you’ve seen it all? Dubai keeps getting amazing, and the latest trend is to see Paddle Boarders who stand. Honestly, the back drop is just way too cool for them to do this though.

9. Police Cars

You must have heard of the Dubai police car brands, right? Well if you have not, please give me the singular honor of introducing to you, the Dubai police car. The official Dubai Police car is the Lamborghini. So if you have ever thought of going there and outrun their police, you need a big time to rethink your places.

10. Pet Rides

The citizens, Rich citizens of Dubai love showcasing their wealth, and it’s not like the Western world where their pets are Dogs, cats, etc. Citizens of Dubai are taking the bar to a far higher heights, as their Pet consist majorly of the Big cats like Lions, Tigers, Cheetah and Jaguars.

They absolutely adore showing their pet by taking them for a ride.

11. One Less Traffic JAM

Hey there, are you in Traffic JAM, why not call a Helicopter to come take you home, not just you, but the expensive sport car stuck in Traffic too?

12. Big Cats on Boat

Should I say boat or Yachts, the best word to describe these boats is Yachts, since they are absolutely gorgeous and beautiful designed speed boats. It is not only about taking your pet (Which we all know that pets in Dubai consists only of wild cats) on car rides, it’s saturated. Let’s take them on yachts rides.

13. GOLD Spitting ATM

Please, if you have ever think that ATM is just only for cashing out your money, think again, or visit Dubai. In Dubai, there are ATM machines which spits out Gold, yes you read that right, Gold spitting ATM machines.

14. Shocking Bike Designs

Want to see some of the most weird or bizarre looking Bikes? Then take a flight to Dubai and feed your eyes with some of the most shocking bike designs.

15. Tennis Court

The grand plan of Dubai is to be different, and as you can see, a picture is worth a thousand word. Tennis court is normal around the world, but have you ever imagined a Tennis court built at a thrilling height? Then again, Welcome to Dubai.

16. Free Food

This is not a sign you get to see in even some of the richest countries in the world today. It would have been bad publicity to end this list without mentioning this service offered in U.A.E. Where there is a place to get food if you’re poor or unemployed. Heart-touching.

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