EVERYTHING You Need to Know Before Traveling to South Africa

Here are some important information you need to know, before traveling to South Africa. If the first image that comes to your mind when visiting South Africa conjures of jungles, safaris and elephants, deserts and adventure, although it’s true, South Africa is a blend of both to a perfect place. While there are other African countries which contains all these elements, visiting South Africa is an easy choice for Westerners, simply because South Africans speak the English Language and have a variety of cosmopolitan and modern culture, which easily balances the unsullied wilds.

When it comes to visiting South Africa, as a tourist or visitors, you have plenty opportunities to see an immense range of tourist attractions, including a rugged adventure, a food and wine tour or a spiritual experience.

Here’s everything you need to know before you travel to South Africa:

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How long Can One Stay without Visa?

Just like several countries in the world today, you don’t a visa for South Africa so long as you’re visiting for less than 90 days, if you are visiting South Africa for more than 90 days (approximately three months), only then will you need a Visa.

Please note that the expiration date on your passport, MUST be at least 30 days after the date of your intended return if you are a Citizen of the United States of America. It is advisable that you always check the latest regulations before you travel just to be sure of this. Ensure your passport is up to date and has no glitches that would land you in trouble with the country’s custome. You’ll need at least one blank page in your passport for the entry stamp which they will add at customs, and they recommend that you have two blank pages, just in case you get a unpredictable customs official.

South Africa Local currency?

The South Africa local currency is known as the Rand. When you get there, please exchange your foreign currency to the local currency. The Rand to the USD fluctuates regularly, so I can’t give you a fixed exchange rate.

But wait a seconds, Are you going into the bush or on a safari? then you should know that ATMs may be unavailable in rural areas. I advise all visitors/tourists to ensure they bring along with them on journeys like this, an extra cash.

Do they take credit cards?

Yes of course. Just in case you are not aware, South Africa is Africa biggest and largest economy today, which means that they are basically doing businesses with 90% countries in the world today.

Tourist Attractions in South Africa

South Africa & Victoria Falls

Visiting the Victoria falls will give you something you will never forget in a hurray. You can easily Journey across South Africa’s varied landscapes, experiencing vibrant Cape Town and stunning Cape Point, game drives in a private reserve bordering Kruger National Park and a tour of jaw-dropping Victoria Falls, which I consider one of the Beauties of Planet Earth.

The Royal Portfolio

The Royal Portfolio is a collection of exclusive hotels, Not your normal hotels you see in every cities, But some of the best and beautiful ones ever. In the Royal Portfolio, you get to see lodges and private residences located in iconic destinations across South Africa. Each hotel is unique and each experience is authentic.


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