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How to Know If She Likes You in Few Minutes (From a Girl’s Point Of View)

Hello Friends, I want to show all guys in the house, how to know if she likes you within minutes, and this is coming from a girl’s perspective.

Guys usually does something that seems strange to most girls in the world today, Before asking or proposing to a girl, you need to know whether she likes you back (From a girl’s point of view). You should carry out this experiment before you ask her out to be your girlfriend.

Before I give you the signs which clearly shows whether a girl is attracted to you or not, I’d like to draw your attention to personality differences in girls. Not all girls show attraction to the potential significant other the same way due to personality differences, and a clear example is this;

We all know that there is the OUTGOING and there is the RESERVED girls. With that out of the way let’s start.

Signs a Girl is attracted to you

Just like I said above, the signs is differences due to personality. So to ensure you get the sign, am differentiating the signs a reserved girl shows, and the one an outgoing girl shows.

A Reserved Girl will

  • Stands near by
  • Be nervous and fidget around you
  • Always stare at you but tear their gaze away immediately your eyes meets theirs
  • Play with her hair, end of dress or an item in her hands on close range to you
  • Warm up to your close friends in order to gain access you.

An Outgoing Girl will

  • Compliment you
  • Hold eye contact
  • Punch or slap your arm lightly
  • Dare and challenge you at every encounter with you
  • Endeavor to make slight body contact
  • Call you a player/heartbreaker
  • Always say things to draw your attention to her
  • Be the first to initiate conversations whenever they are with you.
  • Both kind of Girls
    • Will ask if you have a girlfriend either by text or in person, when you guys get to this level, you will know that she is quite serious and hugely interested in you.

The ball is now in your court, you know what you can now do with it.


So ladies which category do you fall into when you spot that special somebody and Guys… hope you can now identify when she is giving you all the right signs. If she doesn’t show any of these signs, Dude, she isn’t into you. Kindly share this post with your friends if you enjoyed it.

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